Wednesday 2 December 2015

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How to Locate the Best Carpet Cleaner

All along my career of 15 years in the cleaning industry as a licensed and certified carpet cleaner, I have seen people get confused when it is about choosing the right carpet cleaner among the various available in the market. 

I have seen people paying more attention to the price of the service than other aspect. However, price should be the last thing to consider when hiring a professional carpet cleaner. There are other crucial things to figure out, such as: 
  1. The guarantee for the service provided. 
  2. Whether the company is insured or not.
  3. Reasons for hiring a particular cleaner. 
  4. Company’s membership with any association. 
  5. Certification and license of the cleaners hired by the company.  
Most often you will get nice flowery answers to all these queries but be intelligent to see everything in written before making a decision. 
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Revealing Some Vital Facts about Cleaning Companies 

During my research, which extended over 6 months, I interviewed numerous carpet cleaners and got personally in touch with them. And now I can surely conclude that only 1 out of 29 carpet cleaners are worth hiring. With this article I try to lay down some guidelines to help a layman understand the nuances involved in the carpet cleaning and to make a wise decision while hiring a carpet cleaner. 

Here a few things you need to be aware of: 
  1. Cheap Quotes – Many carpet cleaning companies offer a cheap quote to attract you to their services. Don’t believe any unbelievable price and be ready to spend a decent amount for carpet cleaning. 
  2. Verbal Guarantees – No verbal guarantees should be accepted from even leading carpet cleaners as these could lead you nowhere. Ask for written guarantee for carpet cleaning service. 
  3. Fake Cleaners with No License – Disregard a company that promises to send a certified, licensed cleaner but does not provide any ID proof. They are absolutely FAKE! 
  4. Lies – You might get other lies such as about their extensive work experience, rich clientele and so on but do not believe a word unless you see it for yourself. Do check out the feedback of their existing customers before hiring a carpet cleaner. 
The cleaning industry is an un-regulated one therefore most fraud companies get away even after betraying their valuable customers and providing below average cleaning services. The whole scenario will turn upside down once the industry becomes regulated. Then such fake cleaners will not be able to hold their place and fool of the customers. But till that time the customer – YOU – have to be on your own and choose wisely for your expensive carpets. 

Take help from the advice give here and choose intelligently a professional carpet cleaner who would do wonders with your carpets! 

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