Friday, 4 December 2015

Carpet cleaning Melbourne

How to Find a Professional and Experienced Carpet Cleaner 

Being a licensed and certified carpet cleaner for more than 15 years I have been able to find out various truths about the cleaning industry and leading carpet cleaners. I have seen confusion among people when they are out looking for a professional carpet cleaner. 

Most people get confused while finding a great carpet cleaner as they focus mainly on the cost of the service. However, price is the last thing you should consider while choosing a cleaner for your valuable carpets. After your home and cars, your carpets cost you the most so you should be ready to pay wisely when getting them cleaned to give them an extended life. 

The Five Basic Things you need to ask before choosing a professional carpet cleaner: 
  1. What is the written guarantee for carpet cleaning service?
  2. Is the company a member of any association?
  3. Whether the company is insured or not. 
  4. Ask why you should hire them for your carpets. 
  5. What license and certifications does the company have? 
You will definitely get pleasant answers to all these queries but don’t be convinced just by oral answers and look for written proof for whatever you are told. 

Do you wish to know my personal suggestion? 
People ask me with which carpet cleaner would I recommend with my experience in the industry. The answer to this question is Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration. 
After having a one-on-one conversation with the owners I came to know a lot about the company, their values, and their cleaning strategies. I can definitely say that if you hire Squeaky Clean Carpet Restoration for your domestic or commercial carpets then you will be absolutely stunned with the results. 
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Disclosing Vital Secrets of Carpet Cleaners
After spending some 6 months doing research on the cleaning industry and leading carpet cleaners I came in contact with numerous cleaners and understood their operational techniques. My research reveals that only 1 out 29 carpet cleaners are worth hiring. 

I have been in this industry for many years now and with this free article I plan to give right directions to all those who wish to find the best carpet cleaner. 

Carpet Cleaners’ Dirty Tricks Revealed 

1. Quote a Cheap Price. You will be surprised to get an unbelievable cheap quote even from leading carpet cleaners. But don’t get entrapped in such traps and instead ask for an all inclusive quote from any cleaner before you hire them. 

2. Pretend to be Certified and Licensed Cleaners. You might get to hear that a cleaner has certified and licensed cleaner but be sure to check their ID proofs. If someone shows up at your doorstep without any identification then consider them fake and don’t give your precious carpets in their hands. 

3. Only Verbal Guarantee without Any Written Proof. Don’t take oral guarantee given by any carpet cleaner. Ask for written guarantee for any cleaning service before you decide to pay money for their services.   

4. Lies, Lies, and Lies! You might also get many more lies from a carpet cleaner apart from the mentioned. Don’t just believe any words but ask for written proof for anything a cleaner says to you. 

You might use the above given points to figure whether a carpet cleaner is professional and genuine or not. You may get false replies to these points but be careful as the cleaning industry is Un-regulated. Be careful in choosing the best carpet cleaner for yourself!  


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