Friday, 4 December 2015

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

How to Select the Best Carpet Cleaner 

From the desk of: Kelvin Walters

Selecting the best carpet cleaner is a tough job, especially when you don’t know anything about the industry. I have been a licensed and certified carpet cleaner for over 15 years and in my tenure I have seen abundant customers who do not even know the ABC of selecting the best carpet cleaner. You need to differentiate between cleaners who are there to just make money and those who are true professionals who go out of their way to provide thorough carpet cleaning.  

Here we discuss what you need to know to make a wise decision about choosing the right carpet cleaner for your expensive carpets. First of all, keep in mind that the price of the service is not everything. You should stay alert from those offering a questionably low quote and be ready to pay a decent amount to get a nice service. 

Ask these questions before selecting a carpet cleaner: 
  1. Will you offer any guarantee for your service? 
  2. Are you guys insured?
  3. Give me reasons for hiring you! 
  4. Have you got proper certification and licenses to do the job?
  5. Are you an active member of any association? 
Don’t be convinced with fancy words used by some cleaners; instead ask for the details in writing. 
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Top Dirty Tricks of Carpet Cleaners Revealed

As a former certified and licensed carpet cleaner I here reveal the hidden secrets of various carpet cleaners and how they play smart with a client:  

1. Give a Cheap Quote – Most fraud cleaning businesses will give you an extremely cheap quote to make you fall for their services. Be alert as you might end up spending more than you expect with these companies to get complete cleaning for your carpets. 

2. Promise to Send Licensed Cleaners – These companies will promise to get your carpets cleaned by licensed cleaners but would never send one at your place. Often the cleaners arriving at your place won’t have any ID proof to prove they are licensed and certified. 

3. Offer No Written Guarantee – You won’t get guarantee for carpet cleaning in written from such companies. 

4. Lying to any Level – Unfortunately, we have such businesses in the industry who would stoop to any level to convince you that they are the best. And this could involve a lot of lying. 

You might ask the questions mentioned here to select the best carpet cleaner and those who are actually fraud will tell you all this is crap, convincing you that they know what they do. But as the carpet industry is UN-REGULATED, you must never trust anybody’s words that don’t have an evidence to prove their point. 

So my advice is to keep your eyes and mind open, ask questions, check for documents, and then only choose a carpet cleaner.


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