Thursday, 3 December 2015

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

How to Choose the Right Duct Cleaner

Your ducts play an important part in keeping your working and living environment fit and healthy. And to keep them working most efficiently you need to get them professionally cleaned more often. But how can you find the most suitable duct cleaner for your ducts if you don’t have any knowledge about how to check the skills of the duct cleaning company? This guide will help you make a nice decision and choose the right cleaner for your ducts. 

With my experience of over 15 years as a former licensed and certified duct cleaner, I have penned down this article for all those customers looking for a genuine duct cleaner. 

First of all, let’s see the most basic things you need to know about a duct cleaning company before you hire one...  
  1. Does the company have membership of NADCA?
  2. What is the industry experience of the company? 
  3. Is the company insured? 
  4. Will the company provide complete duct cleaning? 
  5. Does the company provide written guarantee for their service? 
  6. Can the company provide feedback from their existing customers? 
When you ask these questions to any duct cleaner, you will get all kinds of pleasing answers from most of these companies. You just have to ensure to get written proof for whatever they say and then only believe in them. 
For all those who are curious to know my personal recommendation for the best duct cleaner in Melbourne, I suggest Squeaky Clean Duct Melbourne. I have personally interviewed the company about their cleaning strategies and guarantee and I am sure their services will further enhance my reputation in the industry. 
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Revealing Harsh Truths of Duct Cleaners 
You must read the following very carefully if you wish to choose the finest duct cleaner: 

1. Be Alert from Rip-Offs of Leading Duct Cleaners 
Duct cleaners try to attract customers through cheap marketing skills where they offer a very cheap quote for “whole-house” cleaning through numerous kinds of advertisements. Once the customers calls them in, they ask for additional charges for all the basic services thereby raising the final amount to an unexpected level. 

2. Be Careful about Daily Deals 
You might get tempted with a daily special offer of a random duct cleaner but don’t opt for it unless you know what all you will be getting for that price. Ask in detail, enquire about written guarantee and don’t miss the fine print before you sign any document. These daily deals could be a bluff to con you! 

3. Choose Only Licensed and Certified Cleaners 
Your ducts are very expensive and they affect your working and living environment tremendously. So you must always hire licensed and certified cleaners only to ensure your ducts stay functional and operative. 

4. Don’t Settle for Verbal Guarantee 
You should never settle down for verbal guarantee of duct cleaning service. You should ask for written guarantee of the service if you don’t want to reduce the life of your ducts or damage them badly. 

Lastly, it is important to know what the company does in case you are not satisfied with the services. To make a wise decision, you should take all the above-mentioned points into consideration and find the best duct cleaner for your valuable ducts! 

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